Front Terimal 12V 180AH

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Front Terimal Telecom Battery      Model:6-GFM-180F

Capacity:180AH      Voltage:12v

Product Features:

1.Capacity range:40ah-200ah

2.Voltage class:12V

3.Long design life(25℃): over 10 years

4.Low self-discharge rate:≤3% per month

5.Excellent rate discharge performance

6. High sealed reaction efficiency:≥99%

7.Wide operation temperature: ﹣20℃ to ﹣60℃

8.Narrow structure:each call has same heat dissipation efficiency

  Thus good to prevent "thermalrunaway"

9.plate:Pasted flat type

10.Front terminal is convenient for connection and maintenance

11.Centralized vent system:battery internal gas can be vented out of the system    

   and flame arrester is equipped

12.Terminal cover :avoiding short circuit and dust ; the inspection hole is available  

   for maintenance

13.Separator:use improved AGM separator,makes lower resistance,higher

   assmbling pressure to increase deep cycle life

14.Terminal sealing:double sealing technic(mechanical+epoxy glue)

Compliant Standards:IEC60095、GB/T19638-2005


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