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Benefits and Features

2nd generation steer tyre engineered with innovative WESTLAKE’s latest technology for both long haul and regional operations with rims of 17.5" and 19.5".

  • Wide tread width offers high tread rubber volume to guarantee higher long mileage.

  • Four wavy main grooves provide excellent handling and drainage performance on long haul and regional applications.

  • Multi-lateral kerfs provide better traction and even wear.

SIZE SERVICE INDEX Fuel Efficiency Wet Traction NOISE(dB)
215/75R17.5 128/126M E D 74/B
225/75R17.5 129/127M E D 74/B
235/75R17.5 132/130M E D 74/B
265/70R19.5 140/138M D C 74/B

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