padlock universal lock

type: open lock
size: 30mm long top
Sale price$0.45


there are two types.  open lock,  individual lock

  1. same key for same size.  with 1 key for each padlock.  can open the same size of padlock with a key.  office use suggestion buy open lock
    Here we say it Open (open) locks means that, for example, if you buy 10 locks, one key can open the 10 locks (only the same size). Easy to manage (applicable to Internet cafes, property managemant, anti-theft Windows, trucks, etc!)
  2. seperate key for each lock.  with 4 keys for each padlock. Individual locks are recommended for personal use
    Independent (single opening) lock Yes, padlock can only be opened with the original 4 keys! (Applicable to staff dormitories, large iron doors, cabinets, etc., are conventional locks)
  3. 10pcs in a box.

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