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Benefits and Features

New steer tyre engineered with innovative WESTLAKE’s latest technology for local and regional operations.

  • Advanced 5-Rib tread provides even wear and remarkable handling.

  • Specially designed tread pitches ensure low external noise.

  • Tread sipes with straight tread grooves guarantee excellent water drainage and outstanding wet traction.

  • Computer-aided design tyre casing promises good footprints to extend tyre life.

SIZE SERVICE INDEX Fuel Efficiency Wet Traction NOISE(dB)
385/65R22.5 158L(160K) C C 71/A
315/70R22.5 156/150L C C 71/A
295/80R22.5 154/149M D C 71/A
315/80R22.5 154/151M(156/153L) C C 71/A

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